Extension Tubes for Canon EF mount – Part 1

I was recently granted access to a Makerbot The Replicator for a school project and thought i would use this for a few of my own projects.

I’ve long wanted a set of extension tubes for my 550D and in fact i sort of purchased my 70-200 f4 USM for this purpose.

Extension tubes are mainly used to reduce the focus distance of a lens for macro photo.

Through school i’ve probably logged a few hundred hours in Autodesk Inventor for various school projects and so doing an few measurements and drawing a quick first version was not much work.


After a couple of prints and playing around with tolerances i had a couple of working pieces.

2013-04-14 23.09.22

An hour playing around with 100mm extension got me these

IMG_2807 IMG_2821-Edit

Better fit, locking, texture and electrical contacts are planned for later versions

The files are available on Thingiverse

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