LED Marquee – Part 3

Soo, the project has been dead for about… well 2.5 years now 😯

I recently got the time and reason to continue, as a i have an EE course called “Advanced MicroProcessors” where we have to do a project and want to use the display.

I scrap’ed the idea of revers-engineering the controller board and jumped straight to the protocol between the controller and the daisy-chained LED driver boards.

Preliminary continuity tests between the bus and component on the board gave me an idea about the pinout of the connector.

Poking around with my Logic16 gave my some understanding as well, but not much.

After this i threw in som single wires (i forgot the term) in the connection. (all hail AliExpress for saving me the work of doing these plugs by hand!)



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Extension Tubes for Canon EF mount – Part 1

I was recently granted access to a Makerbot The Replicator for a school project and thought i would use this for a few of my own projects.

I’ve long wanted a set of extension tubes for my 550D and in fact i sort of purchased my 70-200 f4 USM for this purpose.

Extension tubes are mainly used to reduce the focus distance of a lens for macro photo.

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LED Marquee – Part 1

Hey guys

I got a lot of help on this project at in the “general talk” part of the HaD-forum an realized it would fit in here more.

The first thread: http://forums.hackaday.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2319

And i pic of the project in question:


I have two goals in this project

1. Reverse engineer the controller board
2. Make a new controller board
(3. Learn 😉 )

Any input and questions are appreciated!

I’ll post below:

(NB! This project was moved from the old HaD forums, as they moved on to hackaday.io and I didn’t want to follow)